Ghost Caravan

Ghost Caravan’s music is orchestral, electronic soul. On her forthcoming EP T.O. Confidential, Shaina Silver-Baird collaborated with members of Grand Analog, the Weeknd, Hill Kourkoutis of the Launch, Martha and the Muffins and the Four On The Floor String Quartet. She acknowledges the depth and darkness of the lyrics. “I want to continue to push in that direction: personal/poetic lyrics coupled with grand, dramatic tracks. I want to develop the soulful element along with the orchestral. It’s such an exciting sound; very contemporary and yet derived from something deeper and older.” 

Despite the fact that the music can be dark, Silver-Baird feels that Ghost Caravan is uplifting. “It’s about understanding deep emotional experiences, but also about looking to the positive in life. I write from a personal perspective and find it relatively impossible not to give myself over completely to a song when I’m performing live. People can expect our shows to be intimate. However, the music is quite epic in scope so there is that duality. If everything works, the performers and the audience have an experience together.”




“Haunting orchestral pop tune.” Ride The Tempo 

“Song-of-the-week: Heart’s thunderous bass overtakes your senses in the latest from Ghost Caravan. But as you’re falling deep into a trance, Shaina Silver-Baird’s stunning vocals rescue you and pull you up into their lofty echo. Don’t dismiss this track as another cathedral-reaching electro-pop song: Ghost Caravan’s Heart is nothing short of a real gem.” RazMatazMagazine 

“A bold, vulnerable single.” FingersOnBlast 

“Ghost Caravan, also known as Shaina Silver-Baird, combines elements of electronic, soul, and orchestral music to create her powerful, emotional songs.” Canadian Beats 

“Haunting, dramatic vocals.” GoodMoMusic